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Online Business Coaching & Personal Development Platform

Coaching In Action offers access to many fantastic courses and resources that will allow you to gain valuable knowledge in your field of expertise. Each personal development course follows our model of questions WHAT, HOW, WHO & WHEN to address issues and answer them in an objective manner. Our online coaching platform will allow you to make a structured and clear plan in order to lead you to achieve your goals.

Expert Knowledge from Experienced Coaches in UK & Worldwide

This digital platform was developed by The Preston Associates who have been offering coaching services since 2003 to many companies in the UK and worldwide. This online platform offers personal development in the field of business, teaching you how to run your own business and even a wide range of career management resources. We also offer online coaching for teachers, graduates and those who are 50+ and thinking about their future and retainment.

Coaching In Action online platform follows the same tried and tested coaching methods as The Preston Associates. You will benefit from our knowledge, range of resources and teaching material to achieve your business and personal development goals.

Start your personal development journey with our online coaching platform and see for yourself what you can achieve at the end of the journey.
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The beauty of Coaching In Action is that it gives you the time and space to think through specific issues and asks the direct questions that close family or friends may feel uncomfortable posing..
(Jane, 32 years old)


This coaching program enabled me to think through problems in my work life as a primary school teacher by setting thought provoking questions and making me think through things in a different way to normal..
(Angela, 34 years old)


I found the questions enlightening and they gave food for thought on adapting to life in retirement. I would recommend the website to anyone in a similar situation..
(Pat, 61 years old)