Once you have registered you will be able to choose your channel and begin your online coaching session.

To start with you will be asked two questions, the answers to which will be used as a basis for your coaching session.

1. What topic would you like to think about?
2. Thinking about this topic, what do you want?

You will then be guided through a series of questions within the framework of the ©Trilogy Questions - WHAT / HOW / WHO & WHEN – in order to help clarify and structure your thoughts.

To answer a question, simply click on one of the questions that appear. You can then enter your response in the box provided. On submission of your answer you will be able to choose your next question. On completion of your answer click next to move on to your next question. You also have the option to skip the question by clicking pass. During your question and answer coaching session you may also “Spin a Question” at any time. Finally when you have completed the required amount of questions, the option to end the session and submit your answers will become available. On completion you will have the option to review, edit, and save your session questions and answers.

To optimise user experience of Coaching In Action it is best used on PC/Laptop rather than a handheld device.